About Mark Your Trails

MarkYourTrails.com ( MYT) is a digital online platform for adventure enthusiasts to share their trails from around the world. What makes it even special is that the platform offers them to share their stories and experiences. With a belief that every trail has a story, MYT sets to bring these amazing stories to the world.

Most inspiring stories are nominated to be interviewed and featured on its channel. The users who have been pursuing adventure & sports passionately also get to share their wish list that MYT aims to fulfil with their brand association & sponsors network. The pride of having travelled miles across and sharing the stories can truly be an experience each individual wants to have.

It's time to hear to those adventure enthusiasts who did what they loved without any expectations. MYT is the media house that wants to make reach their voices to the world. Are you ready to listen to them?


The vision is to promote outdoor adventure in India and provide best of resources with recognition and reward to the HEROES who deserve it. India’s Adventure industry is in very nascent stage & MYT hopes to create value through its platform.


To create awareness about outdoor sports & adventure around the world, as being instrumental in inspiring many lives. Let the world live fit and healthy. Go outdoor!!!