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Bungee Jumping
Phuket Thailand
Height : 60 Metres
Trail ID : T1000005558


Trail in a Nutshell
When was on the edge, all I said was I love you mom & dad.
The jump was truly a moment where I said, be ready to die & if survive then be ready to celebrate.
Life is about jumping freely.
When you trust the rope, you survive and experience.
Life and death is about allowing to jump and let adrenaline rush your veins.


I remember that I could not sleep the previous night when the Bungy Jump company called me to inform that my jump was confirmed at 10 AM in the morning. I was alone during my 21days backpacking trip so I knew I could not share my fear or anxiety with anyone. I first thought of calling up parents but I knew they will scare me even more and ask to cancel. So, I decided to get to wifi & watch few jumps on youtube. As I watched, I was even scared & decided to just sleep and be afresh in the morning. 

I reached the venue & when I had to sign the declaration form that I am responsible for my jump, it was like let me atleast inform one friend so that someone is aware. I told the instructor that look if something happens contact this number & inform. If nothing happens, lets celebrate. He said, not to worry as nothing will go wrong. Then he tied the rope to my leg and started to take me higher off the ground. As I started going metre by metre, I could feel the adrenaline. I was scared but ready to experience.

At this point when I was 60mts high & below was the water I just said to myself " Chetan, you can do it. If you survive lets party". I was on the edge & my heart beat was at its high. The instructor at the back said, READY ? I said YES. He then said 1, 2, 3... I stretch my arms & just jumped. I must admit the fact that for 10 sec my heart felt current and I was the most happiest perso when I knew I had survived. I was jumping in joy to thank god and the team. " Life is truly adventurous." 

1 Don't eat too much before jump.
2 Don't think twice but just jump once instructors says.
3 Enjoy the moment when you on the edge, its a million dollar experience.

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