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Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
Distance : 20 Kilometres
Trail ID : T1000005559


Trail in a Nutshell
The joy of cycling at 6 am is special when its in Switzerland.
The view was spectacular.
The weather was cold but when I was cycling, I got more energy as I kept moving with speed.
I was tired & just wanted to rest, and I sat on the bench to only look the mountain around.
I did not want to go back as i was lost in my imagination world to feel the kick of cycling. I was in state talking to myself.


It was my first time to ride bicycle in a new country. Switzerland has been my favourite & I wanted to experience and mark my trails cycling. It came true in Bad Ragas & I can only express saying, I enjoyed cycling as it taught me to enjoy talking with nature.

Cycling is truly a gift. I went back to my schoolday memory. 

1 Follow the rules, separate lanes made for cyclist
2 Wear a helmet
3 Ride safe during crossing the highway

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